Excel Foods is specialised in the supply of frozen, aseptic and dehydrated foods for the Food Industry

We are Excel Foods

Our company was set up in 2007 with the aim of responding to the growing need for a specific product: frozen fruit, which was in constant demand by different kinds of customers who had no easy access to this product.

In addition, new needs were also appearing: for example, products with a frozen fruit base for the food industry and for small businesses such as bakeries, ice cream makers, juice and smoothie bars, etc., which demanded a supply adapted to their particular needs.

Customer service has always been our greatest priority and for that reason we are committed to providing optimised solutions at all times: products of the highest quality with complete traceability.

Transparent communication, fast decision making and the ability to adapt to different needs are our strengths.

We guarantee the supply of our products, in all cases, in accordance with the Food Safety Standards (Food Defense) by selecting and maintaining long-term agreements with the main international manufacturers.

Our structure and organisation allows us to provide the products our customers need when they need them. We also have the support of Logistics and Storage partners, who play an essential role in the development of our activity and in complying with the requirements of our customers.

Your objectives, our goal


Teamwork brings the best results

Our successful position in the sector is the result of the effort, hard work and commitment of all our staff.

Over the years, we have strived to improve our product and logistics solutions and transform them into the perfect resource for SMEs and large corporations. Our main goal has always been to be a trustworthy partner.

Year after year, our customers have shown their appreciation for our work by putting their trust in us and supporting us in our business growth.

Being IFS Broker and Organic Certified allows us to be positioned in the market as guarantors in the implementation of quality and safety measures in the food industry.

The key has always been ensuring the satisfaction of our customers and providing a service that meets and exceeds their expectations