Our logistics solutions provide a competitive advantage for our clients in the management of the supply chain, since we work on two key aspects of logistics that have placed us as leaders in the market:

   Our extensive network of logistics partners

   Our extensive storage network

We are therefore able to deliver directly from the place of origin or through our storage partners, for both full and partial loads, ensuring prompt delivery or long-term agreements. Thanks to our external warehouses, we have products in stock for immediate delivery.

We are flexible and able to adapt to the needs of each customer. The customer’s need is always our priority.

Logistics in the food industry, an operation for expert hands

We are aware that logistics management safety and professionalism have a relevant impact on the competitiveness of Food Industry companies. Selecting a partner who guarantees the effective management of all risks on both a national and international level is of key importance.

Our company guarantees the integrity of the supply chain, from the stocking of raw materials to the final delivery of the products.

Documentary support and integrity measures are basic action criteria in our operations.

Keeping the safety of the goods, ensuring the profitability and competitiveness of your business is not a secret for us: we give the same importance to your goods as you would.


Our services and solutions are adapted to meet different needs


We carry out the entire process applying parameters based on professionalism in using and preparing the necessary documents, thus generating profits for all the parties involved, and in all cases, with the commitment to deliver the goods in the agreed time and packaging.

Product packaging

We offer our customers different product packaging: bulk or distribution and in sacks, bags, drums and cartons for both frozen and aseptic products.

Supply chain management

We negotiate annual raw material needs on behalf of our customers and make sure they are available and effectively integrated when they are needed.

Stock management

We have product stocks that are sufficient to cover all the recurring and occasional needs of our customers.


Our objective is to provide an extensive range of additional services for our customers. We have the necessary structure and means to ensure that customers receive all the products they need whenever they need them.

Product samples

Keeping stock makes it easier to have product samples for their evaluation.